Who are IronCAD Users?


Our users range from one-man-companies to global corporations, yet they share something in common. They value the impact CAD software has on their company. IronCAD users often have previous experience in one or many other CAD systems, and have switched to IronCAD after extensive research. They’ve chosen IronCAD so they can get more return on investment from every minute they use CAD software, ultimately making their companies more profitable.

“I have used pretty much all of the popular and expensive CAD systems, such as ProE, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Catia, Delcam products, etc, but none were as easy, or as fast as IronCAD is. More things just get done in less time, period!” Mike Walls – Microplanet

“We switched from one of the most common parametric mainstream 3D CAD programs to IronCAD. We have not regretted this for a second. The change has saved both time and money – clearly IronCAD has increased our profitability.” Daniel Erlandsson – Lerocon AB

“Sheet metal pieces fold and unfold with a single click. And I can suppress or re-order parts at will without worrying that the software won’t let me do what I want,” Jeff Myler – Darko

“With IronCAD’s design collaboration we were able to increase productivity 50% and have our engineers actually become sales persons when visiting with customers due to IRONCAD’s unique capabilities” Fredrik Paulsson – GRW Produkter

“We have replaced both AutoCAD and SolidWorks with IronCAD. When it comes to 3D-design, we do see a big advantage by using IronCAD. …Our experience has been that we design faster and easier compared to our earlier solution…” Patrik Kärrvall – Hexagon Metrology

“IRONCAD makes the design process quick and easy, by allowing users the freedom to work with precision, but without the necessity of constraints. Tools such as the TriBall and SmartAssembly, allow us to design quickly – and just as quickly, respond to the changing needs of our clients. Michael J. Allen – Skyline Exhibits

A Few Stories From IronCAD Users

Helping Facilitate Innovation

Robotunits has made a name for itself throughout the world with its standardized and universal Modular Automation System. They operate globally and have production facilities in Austria, Germany, Italy, USA and Australia.

Husqvarna Discovers IronCAD

Just recently, Husqvarna decided to use IronCAD to design its latest $1 billion plant devoted to manufacturing chainsaw chains in Sweden.

Automated Welding Machines

“We never know what our next customers’ needs will be, but we can easily adapt thanks to all the options IronCAD provides. We get to design the way we want, regardless of how the design was originally built.”

The Fastest Cars Need The Fastest CAD

With a 5.666 second quarter-mile time, Leanders Dragracing had the fastest Top Methanol Funny Car in Europe in 2003, and is also the most victorious team in the FIA Top Methanol Funny Car class.

Why Small Companies Use IronCAD


As a small company, spending time learning a CAD system is hard to justify. IronCAD’s learning curve is far shorter than traditional CAD systems, so you can train yourself or team members in a matter of days. It then usually won’t take long before any time you’ve spent learning is paid off by increased productivity, from then on every minute you save is more profit for your company.

Also important for small companies is collaboration, IronCAD’s dual kernels mean you can get a CAD model from almost any system and be confident the geometry is being correctly represented. The direct editing tools then give you the power to make quick design changes without worrying about how your collaborator designed the model or what system it was designed in.

Why Big Companies Use IronCAD


IronCAD is productive, and we mean really productive. IronCAD’s core focus is creating innovative CAD tools that shorten design time. Whether you’re throwing concepts around or finalising a 10000 part model, IronCAD lets you make design changes as if you’re at step one. For big companies, this means they can get products to market faster, and collaborate without worrying about design intent or if late changes will “damage” a CAD model.

IronCAD also provides multiple collaboration tools, so CAD data can be utilised throughout the organisation. Tools like drag and drop catalogues for sales reps to create custom assemblies in real time on an iPad, with instant access to part counts and pricing of each component. Tools like free markup software so anyone in the organisation can make suggestions which can then be reviewed and approved.

Designing World Leading Yachts

Baltic Yachts was founded in 1973 on a radical philosophy… to create boats that incorporated the very latest thinking in yacht design and new technology. In short, they design and build boats that are faster, stronger and lighter.

Interior Design & Shopfitting

Van Keulen Interieurbouw has been manufacturing and delivering high quality interior solutions for any location for half a century. From shop interiors to project designs and from catering interiors to supermarket interiors.

Search To Maximise Efficiency

“We have replaced both AutoCAD and SolidWorks with IronCAD. When it comes to 3D-design, we do see a big advantage by using IronCAD. …Our experience has been that we design faster and easier compared to our earlier solution…”
Patrik Kärrvall – Hexagon Metrology