MultiPhysics Add-on

MPIC (Multi-Physics for IronCAD) is the newest generation of integrated CAD/FEA for general entry level to advanced design simulations. It’s developed and designed specifically for CAD design simulation by AMPS Technologies Company and runs inside the IronCAD interface.

Seamlessly Integrated MultiPhysics Analysis

Simply add a multiphysics analysis to your IRONCAD model. Add material, forces, constraints, and hit the AutoSolve to quickly mesh and return your analysis results. Make modifications on the IRONCAD model and associativity will allow you to simply update and re-solve your analysis in seconds.

MPIC is available with full product capabilities on a 30 day trial, and then available as a free node-limited version allowing you the ability to experiment validation of your designs at low mesh levels. Even though the free version is node-limited, MPIC’s technology using SefeaTM (Strain-Enriched Finite Element Analysis) gives you extended capabilities to test your products at a lower mesh level. SefeaTM is the newest enriched finite element formulation developed specifically for low-order 4-node tetrahedron elements commonly used in CAD simulation. It achieves the same accuracy as 2nd-order elements, but is more robust, without mid-side-node noise, and requires much less computing cost. Beyond the included version, options to purchase full accuracy levels, advanced versions, and add-on functionality are available.

MPIC Basic includes full mesh quality controls with static/steady state and natural modal vibration extraction for product assembly analysis.

MPIC Advanced provides additional large deformation and large rotation abilities, as well as advanced nonlinear modeling ability of nonlinear elastic, plastic, hyperelastic/foam materials with fully runtime coupled nonlinear material dependency.

MPIC Advanced Dynamic Add-on adds advanced Stress Stiffened Modal analysis, Arc-Length Nonlinear Buckling, Frequency Domain analysis, and Fatigue analysis for advanced analysis options.

MPIC Fluid Add-on expands the fluid dynamic physics to the existing stress, thermal and electrical and works seamlessly to investigate flow physics impact with ease.

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