IronCAD Pricing

Standard IronCAD licenses are permanent and include 1 year of upgrades. 
We also have rental and payment plan options available.


Viewing & Collaboration


Open IronCAD files, create annotations, take measurements and use IronCAD’s SmartAssembly technology to provide custom 3D catalogues of your components to anyone in or out of your organisation, regardless of whether they have CAD experience.


3D Modelling Only

$2,200 +GST

A basic version of the full IronCAD. Inovate has many of IronCAD’s powerful 3D tools but doesn’t have any 2D drafting capabilities. Inovate also doesn’t include IronCAD’s sheet metal catalogue and more advanced 3D features.

Inovate is great for use alongside IronCAD in organisations that already have IronCAD products. It’s also great for users on a lower budget who don’t have a critical need for 2D drawings or sheet metal tools.


3D & 2D Design Tools

$6,400 +GST

The full IronCAD provides a comprehensive suite of simple & advanced, 3D & 2D design tools built to make your CAD design process significantly more productive. 

Includes all of IronCAD’s award winning tools in one package.

Starter Pack

Everything you need to get confidently up and running.
Whether you’re switching from another system or starting fresh.

$7,200 +GST

What’s Included?

This includes full IronCAD, the 4 day online training course, 1 hour of one-on-one training, and technical support for 1 year. It should be everything you need to confidently start using IronCAD within a week (or longer if you want to spread out the training).

Note: IronCAD is much easier to learn than traditional CAD systems, but will still take you some time to aquainted with. It can definitely be learnt in under a week, but you can of course spread out the training if you’re busy or want to learn at a slower pace.

Upgrade subscription?

Our standard IronCAD licenses are permanent and include 1 year of upgrades. After this you have the option to renew your upgrade subscription and keep getting upgrades, or go off subscription and keep the version you’re on permanently. You can also upgrade at a later date, even if you miss a few years, always for less than the cost of a new license.

Training time?

Learning time changes from person to person, but if you’re in a rush and want training we should have you up and running confidently within a week of dedicated learning. Otherwise you’re free to learn at your own pace and it still shouldn’t take long. We’re here to help you get up and running smoothly and efficiently.

Rental Options?

Standard IronCAD licenses are permanent, we find most users prefer this so they can be confident in having permanent access to all of their files and intelletial property. However we also offer payment plans and rental options, so just get in touch if that’s what you’re looking for. 

Where to buy IronCAD?

The local IronCAD Partner in Australia & New Zealand is CAD International. 
They’ll be able to help you with all your IronCAD needs including training and support.

You can contact them on 02 9973 4499 (Australia) or 09 889 0094 (New Zealand)
You can also find them online at or
CAD International’s head office is located in Sydney, Australia.

Read why CAD International chose IronCAD


We’re here to help and are only a few clicks or a call away:
Australia 02 9973 4499 – New Zealand 09 889 0094