Designing World Leading Carbon Fibre Yachts With IronCAD

Baltic Yachts was founded in 1973 on a radical philosophy… to create boats that incorporated the very latest thinking in yacht design and new technology. In short, they design and build boats that are faster, stronger and lighter. They utilize high-tech materials and are constantly pioneering new construction techniques. Combining the latest carbon fibre engineering with top build quality from their skilled Finnish workforce, Baltic have multiple prize winning yachts designed and built with a standard second to none.

Baltic’s design team had been using 2D CAD since 1988, but their designs were just too complex to visualize and test in 2D. They required a new system for modeling complex parts and assemblies. In the beginning of 2000, they started their search for 3D software. Based on a referral from a colleague who first saw IronCAD at an exhibition, they tested IronCAD and they found it hands-down outperformed all other competitors.

IronCAD provides Baltic with a flexible yet precise design tool that allows them to design the way they want, and continue to innovate in their field. For more information on Baltic you can visit their website here:

IronCAD was founded in March 2001 to develop user-focused 3D design software that improves productivity.  Since then, IronCAD has won numerous industry awards and forged new directions for 3D design software. There are hundreds of thousands of IronCAD users around the world: Customers 

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Today, IronCAD represents a fundamentally more innovative way to design in 3D. With traditional CAD systems slowly adopting some of the tools IronCAD invented many years ago, IronCAD continues to set new benchmarks for how much productivity companies can achieve with their CAD systems.

IronCAD's endlessly growing toolset includes the patented (and award-winning) TriBall, the Unified Design Environment, the Catalog SmartAssembly System, 2D Bulk Drawing Automation, Dual Kernel Technology, the Push & Pull IntelliShape, and many more tools built to give you more return on investment from every minute you use CAD software.

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