The Fastest Cars Need The Fastest CAD

Leanders Dragracing

Dragster racing is one the worlds fastest motor sports, with cars producing in excess of 3,500 horsepower and accelerating to 60 mph in under 1 second. To create these extremely fast cars and remain competitive in the fast-faced environment of drag racing, designers need the fastest CAD they can get.

With a 5.666 second quarter-mile time, Leanders Dragracing had the fastest Top Methanol Funny Car in Europe in 2003, and is also the most victorious team in the FIA Top Methanol Funny Car class. To remain competitive in the field of dragster racing, Leanders must continually modify and improve their car, sometimes in the relative comfort of the workshop environment but, more often, trackside at venues across Europe.

Finding the Fastest CAD Platform

To design and develop their latest cars, Leanders chose IronCAD for its speed and ease of use. Quite simply, it was the fastest CAD program for their needs.
Working with IronCAD, and having had little training, the Leanders team can create new components and modify existing components quickly and carry out checks before manufacturing the parts.

In addition, their use of VisualMill and a CNC machine allows them to go from concept to fully manufactured working part in a matter of hours, either in the workshop or in the pits in a “real time” environment.

IronCAD’s flexibility and ease of use also allows them to make fundamental part design changes to the car on the fly and to carry out “what if” scenarios using performance data acquired at the track, which would not have been possible previously.

“There is a considerable amount of secrecy about some areas of the cars development right now,” said Ulf Leanders of Leanders Dragracing. “IronCAD enables us to develop, design, detail and manufacture completely in-house, therefore eliminating the need to send data outside which could effectively compromise our competitive advantage.”

IronCAD was founded in March 2001 to develop user-focused 3D design software that improves productivity.  Since then, IronCAD has won numerous industry awards and forged new directions for 3D design software. There are hundreds of thousands of IronCAD users around the world: Customers 

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Today, IronCAD represents a fundamentally more innovative way to design in 3D. With traditional CAD systems slowly adopting some of the tools IronCAD invented many years ago, IronCAD continues to set new benchmarks for how much productivity companies can achieve with their CAD systems.

IronCAD's endlessly growing toolset includes the patented (and award-winning) TriBall, the Unified Design Environment, the Catalog SmartAssembly System, 2D Bulk Drawing Automation, Dual Kernel Technology, the Push & Pull IntelliShape, and many more tools built to give you more return on investment from every minute you use CAD software.

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