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IronCAD’s design methodology is unique. This is what makes it so much more productive than traditional CAD software. Understanding this methodology difference will help you get the most out of IronCAD.

This page has various training resources to help you get up to speed with how to use IronCAD’s tools.

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Basic Training

These videos cover many of the fundemental tools used everyday in IronCAD workflows. Scroll down further to see more specific training like Sheet Metal and Structural Steel.

Sheet Metal

Like many other tools in IronCAD, our Sheet Metal tools are drag and drop, made to be extremely fast and much easier to learn than other CAD systems. In minutes you can go from an idea to 3D part then an unfolded flat pattern ready for production.

Structural Steel

with IronCAD Mechanical

Structural Steel can be done many ways in IronCAD, including very easily with the included tools inside IronCAD. However for bsuinesses doing a lot of structural steel work, the IronCAD Mechanical Add-on provides an efficiency and power boost that makes steel work even faster, provides vast customisable libraries of steel sections, and is simple to learn. This page will show you a few training videos to help you understand how to used the Structural Steel tools in IronCAD Mechanical.

2D Drawings

Including DXF and BOM Production

2D Drawings

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IronCAD was founded in March 2001 to develop user-focused 3D design software that improves productivity.  Since then, IronCAD has won numerous industry awards and forged new directions for 3D design software. There are hundreds of thousands of IronCAD users around the world: Customers 

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Today, IronCAD represents a fundamentally more innovative way to design in 3D. With traditional CAD systems slowly adopting some of the tools IronCAD invented many years ago, IronCAD continues to set new benchmarks for how much productivity companies can achieve with their CAD systems.

IronCAD's endlessly growing toolset includes the patented (and award-winning) TriBall, the Unified Design Environment, the Catalog SmartAssembly System, 2D Bulk Drawing Automation, Dual Kernel Technology, the Push & Pull IntelliShape, and many more tools built to give you more return on investment from every minute you use CAD software.

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