Why to switch to IronCAD

Backed up by quotes from real IronCAD users.

Below we dig deeper into the 3 main reasons for you and your company to switch to IronCAD. Combined these reasons have a very simple result, more profit for your company. For most traditional CAD users, IronCAD is a goldmine of potential productivity gains. It’s time you started getting more return on investment from every minute you use CAD software.


Skip the unnecessary steps and get more done in less time.

“IronCAD has made the design process much more efficient and effective allowing our designers more flexibility and freedom in their work than ever before. We could never be this efficient in Pro/E or other systems.” Anders Uddman – Ankarsrum Motors


Make design changes when and where you want.

“IronCAD makes the design process quick and easy, by allowing users the freedom to work with precision, but without the necessity of constraints. Tools such as the TriBall and SmartAssembly, allow us to design quickly – and just as quickly, respond to the changing needs of our clients.” Michael J. Allen – Skyline Exhibits

Learning Time

Be confident and productive in hours or days.

“We use about 20 seats of IronCAD. You can design in 3D way way faster than normal programs, and it’s so easy that even a 15 year old boy learns it within 2 days… ” Johannes Schreiber – Robotunits.

“I have used pretty much all of the popular and expensive CAD systems, such as ProE, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Catia, Delcam products, etc, but none were as easy, or as fast as IronCAD is. More things just get done in less time, period!” Mike Walls – Microplanet

Speed – Create Huge Time Savings


In traditional CAD software, you usually start a model by creating or selecting a plane, then creating a sketch on that plane, and then creating a 3D shape from that sketch (like an extrude, spin, sweep, loft etc).

In IronCAD you skip these steps. They are still available for you if you want them, but you don’t need them. For example, simply drag and drop a shape into place, it now has a sketch plane and cross-section already drawn for you, you can edit them at any stage, but you skipped the boring (and unnecessary) process of individually creating them.

But let’s dig deeper. In traditional CAD software, you create all your parts individually and then assemble them at the end with mates and constraints. This is time-consuming and largely unnecessary, but also not the way we naturally think about products. We think about products as a related whole assembly, not as a combination of individual unrelated parts. It also means things don’t always fit the first time around.

In IronCAD you design in the context of your assembly, whether your product is 10 parts or 10,000 parts, it can all be done in one IronCAD file. This that you get to design in the context of your whole assembly, seeing how parts relate to each other and sizing them to fit other parts in the assembly. Everything fits perfectly first time around. Another benefit of this is that you don’t need mates or constraints for most parts because the only parts that need to be constrained are ones that have specified movement (like a wheel or lever). For everything else, you can completely skip the mates and constraints, which is a huge time saving compared to traditional methods.

This means, as a company, you can get far more done in the same amount of time. Maybe you were currently getting 4 drawings done per day, make it 8. Maybe you think you need another CAD user to keep up with demand, get them using IronCAD and they’ll do the job of two people using traditional software. All in all, giving you more profit for every minute your company uses CAD software.

“We never know what our next customers’ needs will be, but we can easily adapt thanks to all the options IronCAD provides. We get to design the way we want, regardless of how the design was originally built.” Lerocon

“I really appreciate that IronCAD works so freely and easily. It is a really a big difference in the way of working, it’s more logical.” Richard Liljedahl – Broddson

Flexibility – Be Ready For Anything


Traditional software is history-dependant, this means that almost everything you do is dependant on the things and features that came before it. So if you delete or change one of those features, you can very easily “break” your model, which can take a long time to fix. Users of traditional software will know this experience well, and sometimes have taught themselves ways to try and avoid these problems at all costs. We’ve heard many names for this over the years, a few being “Tree of blood” “Tree of death” “Model explosion”.

IronCAD works differently, you can choose when, where, and if you want to have history dependency. This means you can just grab a feature or part and delete it, and everything will be fine, we really mean it. You can even move features up and down the tree. You still have feature history, it’s just not history dependent. You get the good without the bad. Then if (in a very rare case) you want history-dependency, you can even turn it on. But trust us, once you’ve experienced the IronCAD way, you won’t want to go back.

In addition to this, IronCAD provides a range of direct editing tools that even work for imported data from other systems. You can directly edit faces to make large changes to a model, and of course still use our shapes catalog.

This means, as a company, you can be ready for anything. A customer makes a last minute design change, no problem, just make the change and you’re done. No more fiddling around trying to do things the way the software wants you to, do it your way and get more done.

“It’s very easy to learn, we have a default training program for each new employee and within one week we can use people for production purposes within IronCAD. They know how to use the EMP software, they know how to use IronCAD, they know how to use our plugin. We are very pleased with IronCAD.” Eddy Huis in ‘t Veld – Van Keulen

“We appreciate that it is easy to make changes with IronCAD. It’s also easy to see how parts fit into different projects. The dynamic program structure is a big advantage.” Dockstavarvet

“I feel inspired by IRONCAD because it is so easy to try wild ideas, which is important for me as an inventor.” Göran Ewerlöf – EZ Engineering

Learning – Learn In Days, Not Months


Traditional software is often built around old-fashioned CAD drawing principles. This makes it much harder to teach a new person how to use it. Traditional programs often have multiple week-long courses and take months to get confident using, IronCAD is different.

IronCAD is built to be intuitive, that’s why we have drag and drop catalogs, push and pull shapes and more. It’s built to think the way you do, and give you predictable results when you want to get something done. IronCAD’s methodology is logical, making it easy for new CAD users to pick up and understand quickly.

If you’re learning it for yourself, this means you can get confident much faster than traditional software, and not have to worry about lengthy and expensive training courses. If you’re training employees, this means you can have them working productively in far less time.

Of course, there’s so much more!


These are what we like to call the big reasons, but these reasons trickle down into an ocean of individual reasons to choose IronCAD over traditional software. As mentioned above, IronCAD is a gold mine of potential productivity games for traditional CAD users. As you get to know IronCAD in more detail, you’ll likely come up with your own reasons, but here’s a list of a few more:

Drag & Drop Sheet Metal

A whole catalog of drag & drop sheet metal tools so you can design quickly and intuitively. Then unfold your part and get bend dimensions and a flat pattern ready to be sent for production.

Dual Kernels (PARASOLID & ACIS)

Providing better import/export capabilities with collaborators, and providing a back-up kernel to solve complex geometry.

Turn Off History Dependency

There’s no need to worry about deleting a feature that is above other features in the tree, and you have freedom to re-use CAD data at will without worrying how it was originally made.

No Need For Mating

Because you can design everything in one file, all your components are already in the right place fitting perfectly. There’s no need to mate components unless you’d like them to have movement, in which case just mate the ones with movement and leave the rest. You don’t have to spend time mating and aligning every part in an assembly file.

SmartAssembly Technology

Our SmartAssembly technology lets you set “magnetic” snap points so modular components automatically position themselves when dragged from a catalog. This can be used by sales-people on site to provide instant custom CAD models with associated manufacturing details and pricing.

Patented TriBall

The Triball is one of the most powerful and useful CAD tools in the world. Move, copy, pattern, and link features, parts, and assemblies all in 3D with a few clicks.

Optional Constraints

Choose when and where to apply constraints. In IronCAD there’s no “need” to apply constraints ever, you get to choose when they’re useful for you and when they’re not, dramatically reducing design time and letting you make design changes when and where you want.

Direct Editing Tools

Multiple powerful direct editing tools so you can easily edit imported “dumb solid” CAD models, and even use shape catalogs on them.

Unified Design Environment

Whether you’re modeling 1 part or a 10,000 part assembly, you can do it all in one file in IronCAD. You still have the option to save to multiple files when and where you like.

Catalog System

The drag and drop catalog system is your palette for useful CAD data. Whether it’s useful parts, features, tools, materials, animations and more, you can drag and drop them in and out any time.

Work With DWGs & DXFs

 IronCAD has two built-in 2D packages, one for drawing views in paper space and one for more advanced drafting, similar to AutoCAD. You can work natively with DWGs and DXFs and everything links back to 3D, updating instantly so you never have to redraw something again.

Get A Better View Of Your Design

IronCAD lets you stay in 3D longer, giving you a better overall perspective on your design. There’s far less need to go into 2D sketches, which keeps you designing and working in 3D. You still have the option to go into a 2D sketch whenever you like, but staying in 3D helps you keep your mind on the design.

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IronCAD was founded in March 2001 to develop user-focused 3D design software that improves productivity.  Since then, IronCAD has won numerous industry awards and forged new directions for 3D design software. There are hundreds of thousands of IronCAD users around the world: Customers 

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Today, IronCAD represents a fundamentally more innovative way to design in 3D. With traditional CAD systems slowly adopting some of the tools IronCAD invented many years ago, IronCAD continues to set new benchmarks for how much productivity companies can achieve with their CAD systems.

IronCAD's endlessly growing toolset includes the patented (and award-winning) TriBall, the Unified Design Environment, the Catalog SmartAssembly System, 2D Bulk Drawing Automation, Dual Kernel Technology, the Push & Pull IntelliShape, and many more tools built to give you more return on investment from every minute you use CAD software.